We have established a well-trained team of technicians who are on call 24/7, 365 days of the year to answer the call . When you call the office (570-323-9916) it will automatically forward the call to our answering service who will promptly dispatch the proper technician or contact the on duty supervisor.. The on call technician will be in touch promptly to take care of the identified need. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that there will never be a time that we will be unavailable to help you. Emergencies may be common in this industry but our professional and prompt emergency service will go above and beyond the ordinary to meet your needs.
We have established several install teams, as well as designated service technicians, who are available on call all hours of the day. If you call for a service, you can expect a tech to arrive within hours. If you want to have an installation done, the only time you will spend waiting will be on the equipment delivery. As soon as the equipment arrives we will have an installation team on site.
In the event of a “puff back,” fumes or a loud banging from your furnace, turn it off immediately. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RESET MULTIPLE TIMES. THIS COULD CAUSE A DANGEROUS EXPLOSION. Once you have turned the furnace off, give us a call to come handle this situation promptly. In a situation such as this it is likely that a thorough cleaning is required and we highly recommend that this occurs before firing the unit back up. We will never fire a unit back up when soot has been built up due to a poorly maintained furnace until you have given us the ok to go ahead and clean it. This is for your safety and sanity of your home. We offer duct cleaning, to prevent the possibility of a mess in your home, which is something we will recommend to you as well.
You can reduce monthly bills by making sure that your systems are being maintained regularly. A lack of maintenance leads to less efficient systems. Less efficient systems lead to higher monthly bills. Make sure that you are routinely changing your filter, as well as making sure that there is no blockage of the diffusers. If there is it will take much longer for the system to satisfy the temperature that you have it set for. The longer it runs, the more expensive it will be.
Yes. We recommend getting service and cleanings done every year for both your heating and cooling systems. Well maintained equipment allows for longer life of the equipment, as well as allows it to perform at peak efficiency. We set up maintenance contracts yearly with customers to make sure that they are being taken care of. By doing this it prevents bigger issues, and bigger costs from happening down the road.
The life of your equipment can range anywhere from 10-15 years. Very well maintained equipment can last up to 20. As time progresses the equipment upkeep tends to be more demanding and you could start to experience problems with your equipment. It is beneficial for you to put the money into the newer equipment that is out at the time, as opposed to paying repair costs that can be more severe due to the failure of these parts.